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  Fence Mesh Series
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  • Framed Fencing mesh
  • Double Circle Fence
  • Euro Fence
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Airport Protection Fencing
  • Expanded Metal Mesh
  • Triangle Fencing
  • Highway Fence Netting
  • Railway Fence Netting
  • Municipal Fence Netting
  • Plant Fence Netting
  • Sports Fence Netting
  • Bridge Fence Netting
  •   Metal Mesh Series
  • Welded Mesh Series
  • Hexagonal Wire Mesh
  • Crimped Wire Mesh
  • Grassland Fence
  • Chain Link Fence
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  •   Metal Wire Series
  • Black Iron Wire
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  • Cut Wire
  • U type Iron Wire
  • Pvc-coated Wire
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    Railway Fence Netting


    1. Material: Q235 low carbon steel.
    2. Pvc-coated wire diameter: 4.5--5mm.
    3. Aperture: 50mm X 200mm.
    4. Anti-corrosion treatment: pvc-coated
    5. Max. Size: 2.4m X 3m
    1. Post used pieces of concrete pouring, low construction cost.
    2. High strength, the overall stability is well.
    3. Color plastic layer has good anti-corrosion and decorative effect.
    4. Beautiful.
    Main Market:
    Railway, highway, development zone sector, field fence.It is durable,artistic,field of vision open,good protective properties.



    1. Pvc-coated wire diameter: 4.5--5.5mm.
    2. Aperture: 70mmX150mm,doulbe selvage wires or with the frame 20mmX30mmX1.5mm.
    3. Max. Size: 2300mm X 3000mm.
    4. Post: 48mmX2mm round post or 30mmX50mmX2mm square post,it is pvc coated.
    5. Accessories: rain defending hat, connect card and screw which are guarding against theft automatically.
    6. Connection method: Card access
    1. Grid structure concise aesthetic and practical.
    2. Easy to transport, install relief from landform restrictions.
    3. Especially for the mountain slopes of many highly adaptive bending zone.
    4. Medium Price, fit a large area using
    Main Market:
    Railway net, the highway net, field fence net, it is durable,artistic ,field of vision open, protective performance.